Sunday, May 9, 2010

An intro, and a definition of Laytheism.

Hi. My name's Raiki (that's Rye-Key) and I'm going to be your blogger today...In theory. While I doubt that this blog, my humble soapbox, will ever make a big blag-splash, I'm nevertheless going to make a go of it.

First, I suppose I should go about explaining the name Laytheism. I'll admit that it took me quite awhile to think of a name that could express what I was going for here. Let's be frank; I'm not a published author, I'm not a grad student with hundreds of lab hours under my belt, I'm not an internet maven or an expert on anything...I'm just an average guy. Given, I'm an average guy with a critical mind, and an IQ nobody would be ashamed of, but an average guy nonetheless. So when I wanted to create a blog to talk about the things that matter to me, atheism chief among them, I wanted to pick a name that conveyed all of this. So, there you have it: Laytheism, an atheist blog for lay people.

Now a bit on me:
My real name is Scott, and I've lived in the same small(ish) town in upstate New York for all of my 23 years. I love reading, gaming (of both the video and tabletop varieties), picking apart terrible B movies, debating, scaring Baby-Boomers when I dress up for Rocky Horror, and making others question anything and everything. I've been an out of the closet atheist for some 8 years now, but started questioning religion about the same time I started questioning Santa and the Tooth Fairy. I have an absolutely marvelous girlfriend, we've been together for a little over 2 years and she is my sun and stars. I work in the hospitality industry as a front desk supervisor (so expect a few "OMG these guests are driving me crazy!!1!" posts) and am desperately trying to find a way to afford to go back and finish that psych degree I fantasize about. I'm also a complete nerd, in a very general way; I love playing D&D, reading Manga, and watching anything written by Joss Whedon. I may post more as it becomes relevant, but I think this really says almost everything you need to know.

And that's all for my first post, I promise I'll be back soon with some quality ranting.


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  1. I found this because today it occured to me to start a blog exactly like this, and the word 'laytheism' popped into my head instantly. I stuck the word in a search since I thought I couldn't have been the first to think this word up. I was right. Now I need to do something else. Or just call mine something else. Good job, anyway.